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  Started since 2007, TRG(Technical Racing Gear) has been dedicated on 1/10 F1 RC car
  to attract the enthusiasts more enjoyable by producing the fine products for this category.
  The first approach was releasing the many hop-up parts for popular Tamiya F103 chassis
  into the market widely to let the people having the interests on RC F1 car to get ready on
  the starting grid.
  Our concept and development work were not only focus on the performance of the car to
  improve, but also considering to fascinate the people and market to gain more excitements.

  Thanks to the tremendous experiences and efforts of years, many ideas come to our mind
  to decide our first original F1 chassis called TRG109 in 2009.
  Since the debut of TRG109, our continuous tests and feedbacks from the market, we move
  forward to develop the new chassis TRG111 which features even more unique and innovative
  system which become the standard of RC F1 cars nowadays.

  Oversea contact

  All TRG products are distributed by  Central RC Co.,Ltd. in Japan
  Any enquiry regarding the products info and detail as well as business matter(for distributor
  and dealers), Please contact to trade@centralrc.co.jp


  All products and prices are subject to be changed without prior notice
  No deal with the customer directly, only through by distributor and dealers at any countries.




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